My Love Goes Far Beyond The Wild Of Your Imagination

Andrew - Mind MadnessImagine we met someone who lived underground his whole life.  Let’s give him a name.  How’s Bobby?  I don’t know a Bobby, so let’s go with Bobby.  Bobby has spent his whole life living in a hole in the ground which has no windows or doors or ways of seeing the outside world.  He maintains a steady diet of earth grubs and groundwater.  Your trainer at the gym would tell you man cannot survive without sunlight, but let’s imagine that somehow Bobby has adapted and manages to get an adequate amount of Vitamin D.  One day you and I and only you and I learn of Bobby’s bleak existence, though I’m sure he wouldn’t think it bleak.  Anyhow, we learn of his existence and decide to pay Bobby a visit.  After pleasantries we learn that he speaks English.  Use your imagination.  I’m not sure I know how he picked up English either, but regardless, we begin a dialogue with Bobby.  We all become good friends.  Over time we begin to describe the world we live in.  We talk about a host of topics.  Bobby seems most impressed with our description of the greater universe.  We try our best to describe how large it is but words fail because for Bobby, large is relative to his rather confined world.  No matter how magnificent our language is when describing the enormity of our universe Bobby just doesn’t understand.  “You mean it’s bigger than the bottom of my hole in the ground?  You mean it’s bigger than two of my holes?  You mean…I can’t imagine that big.”  His head begins to hurt after a bit and we stop talking of the universe.  Bobby’s understanding of size is relative to the world he has grown up in.

You feel sorry for Bobby don’t you?  Don’t worry, I do too.  Well, I promise, to my knowledge he doesn’t exist.  But if he did I think we would feel sorry for him.  it makes me think about how much we have in common with Bobby.  I wonder if heaven feels sorry for us.  There is something that is to us hard to comprehend the way the universe was hard for Bobby to understand.  We often speak of love as if we had some grasp on it but we understand love with all the limits of our broken world.  We go to Scripture to understand love but even Scripture was written with context in mind.  I think it’s the passages we find hardest to understand that are only hard to understand because of the hole we live in.

I was praying earlier today and as I often do I think on the love God directs toward His created.  But the truth is, I can only understand that love as much as my understand of it within my context will allow me.  I understand God loves me the way a father loves his children, and God knows I love Kyndal much greater than I love my own life, but Scripture proves God’s love is even greater than that.  How big is that?  Well, I don’t know because I can’t imagine that.  As I was praying the Holy Spirit spoke those words to me, “My love for you is far greater than the wild of your imagination could ever dream up.  I vote we stop calling it love.  Call it something we can’t imagine, something deeper than our language could contain.  That’s the ”   ” that God feels for us.


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