Which Kingdom Are You Sowing Into?

There are two kingdoms at work within our world.  There is the kingdom of God and that kingdom of men or the kingdom which opposes the kingdom of God.  The influence of both kingdoms spreads very rapidly.  Both have the ability to influence both our lives and the world around us.  As we discussed last Wednesday night, we were given the choice between which kingdom we were going to sow our seed into.  We often dismiss sin with notions of grace and mercy, and while we serve a loving and forgiving God, every time we sin, we sow seed into the opposing kingdom.  Unfortunately, one seed can do much damage. 

The cataclysmic sin which forever changed the relationship humanity experiences with both God and the earth was one seed sown in the wrong kingdom, a seed whose influence spread rapidly and within one generation saw the first murder of a human being.  Between the first and sixth chapter of Genesis, God was sorry he had ever made man and moved to destroy creation because of the overwhelming influence this opposing kingdom had gained.  Keep in mind, it began with one seed. 

Rarely do we take the time to place ourselves in Cain’s shoes, or sandals or whatever.  He was not only responsible for atoning his own sin, but also the sin of his parents through sacrifice.  The relationship he was to have with God and the earth was much different than God intended.  He now had to toil with the ground to provide for himself and his family, a stress which should have never been.  We too now carry this stress.  The result can be seen in the high number of diagnosed major depression cases and rising suicide rate, among many other things.  It is the price paid when we pursue this anti-kingdom of God.  Over several thousand years, that kingdom has spread rapidly and all sin is seed sown into that kingdom.

It’s a heavy thought.  When I was six my father buckled under the pressure and took his own life, and the thought that every time I transgress God’s law I’m sowing into that kingdom is all the motivation I need to avoid sowing into that kingdom.

All of that being said, the kingdom of God spreads just as rapidly.  We find ourselves in a position every day, via action and words, to sow into His kingdom, the kingdom which offers freedom from the oppression of that opposing kingdom. 

It was requested that we post a link to the video we saw Wednesday night.  Here is that link.



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