My Experiences With God Are What Knit Me To The Truth That He Is

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My experiences with God are what knit me to the truth that He is.  So often I try over thinking or justifying my belief in God by worldly means.  It’s easy to dismiss anything irrational by rational means.  Why do I seek a relationship with God?  Is it because I am human and can’t face the possibility of existence without purpose?  Is it because I fear that life is but a temporary gift and there is nothing beyond death?  Is it because life without hope of more is not life, therefore I have embraced that which logically makes the most sense?

But is God truly to be understood or comprehended?  It’s as if we justify approaching the throne of God with a beaker and test tube.  And for those who claim to have faith in God and say, “That’s not I,”  Uuumm yeah.  I have many times sat back and looked at my faith fully confident in the god that I have chosen to serve.  There have been other times I have sat with volumes of books and histories written by the greatest and brightest men that have graced our planet, and tried to “understand” or justify by intellectual means God’s existence.  What are we searching for when we do that?  Proof?  Is there not enough?  What more must we need?

God appears before us and says, “It is I.”  What then?  Do we place God before a panel and bombard Him with questions only to find ourselves still not satisfied?  Will we ever be satisfied in proving God’s existence using human reason and science.  As if.  Then would He be God?  If I serve a God that I can comprehend then He isn’t God.

God gets upset with the nation of Israel in the wilderness on several occasions.  One time in particular, because Aaron built a golden calf.  These people could see God all around.  They could see His residue on the face of Moses.  Yet, they desired something they could comprehend and understand.  They accomplished it in the golden calf, yet it wasn’t God.

My experiences with God are what knit me to the truth that He is.  As I lay on a bed fighting what seemed to be such a dark force God rescued me.  There is no way to explain that.  How would I begin? Did I overcome on my own?  There is no way that I could have done so.  My mind was telling me I’d never again leave that bed or that room.  I was reading articles on the internet telling me that people who were dealing with this panic disorder would shut themselves in their homes for years at a time.  Fear had consumed me so that I couldn’t even get into a car and drive.  Yet a month later you could barely recognize the residue, and I’m to believe I overcame that on my own.  Not a chance.  I couldn’t begin to take the credit for that .  If it weren’t for Him, I’d still be laying in that bed.

My experiences with God are what knit me to the truth that He is.

What an incredible God You are. I thank You for, well, I don’t know where to begin.  I thank You for everything.  I thank You for You.  How else do I say that?  Where would I be if You had not come and found me there?  It is because You have been my provision that I trust You and in You.  Yet, if I were stripped of all Father, my prayer is that I would be like Job who still refused to deny You.  Search my heart. See the man that I am and that which doesn’t please You. Reveal it to me that I may submit it to You.  May I walk in Your peace all my days, and may I fight the good fight of faith, finishing the race and giving you the glory.  That’s my prayer God.  May it also be my heart.


3 responses to “My Experiences With God Are What Knit Me To The Truth That He Is

  1. I love the truth that comes from the experiences of our hearts and not simply the reasonings of our brains! Good Stuff:)

  2. It is crazy how God delivers us from so much. I would struggle with extreme anxiety but God has delivered me out of that. I would make myself sick with worry to where I would throw up. And God has shown me His grace and I couldn’t resist. He has shown me the truth and I had to believe. He has taken me from a dark place and put me in the light… Through the anxiety, God has shown me how to trust in Him…

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